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August 4, 2008

Thing #7

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Today I also explored Goggle Accounts. I set up google alerts for theatre events and also published a calendar titled Memorial Theatre on google. You can access the calendar if I want it to be public or you can view my calendar and website at and enjoy theatre news from MHS. I have to admit that keeping up with all of this requires lots of time that I am not sure I will have.


Thing #6

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flickr and flickr mashups are quite usable in theatre. I would love to be able to create games with the trading cards. I could also use them in creating gifts for the students with photos that I take from rehearsals and performances. NEAT STUFF.

July 20, 2008

Thing 3 — The Avatar

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This is definately what I wish I looked like in a nice…cartoon sorta way.  Definately could spend too much time playing here.

Thing 2

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The easiest habit or part will be setting the goals.  I love to look at the work and set the goal but then timeliness becomes the issue.  Thus…the weakest or more difficult habit for me will be finding the time to play and actually implimenting my goal of using the technology in the classroom on a regular basis.

July 19, 2008

Thing 5

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I must tell you that I can now get access to tons of pictures and make really cool slide shows for my students.  thank you tons!  I love the searches and will probably spend way too much time online just browsing….  Good thing my kids were yelling in the background as they played Wii so that I felt compelled to fix breakfast.  Hope you enjoy the picture.

Pretty as a picture

Pretty as a picture

Thing 4

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What I found the most interesting as I went to set up my weblog is that I already existed in the google world.  Amazing!  Especially since I did not set anything up before today. Now I am hoping and working on this stuff.

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